In-Store Policy


At this point, WE INVITE YOU to review each of the clauses of this contract, if possible take the time to read it twice, it would not be superfluous!

  1. We offer new, used, refurbished, returns, rescue assets and reconditioned products.  Due to its condition it can present color shades, scratches, breakage, rust or any imperfection, lack of parts or not workingNO GUARANTEE is given in its use, because it is a material that is NOT perfect. 
  2. By picking up the merchandise at our warehouse, YOU WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO DISPUTE, as you, or your agent, have already physically handled the merchandise at this time. We do not make home deliveries.
  3. Credit facilities are available for some products; restrictions apply.
  4. Credit is authorized ONLY by the store owner. The item cannot be taken out of the store until the last payment has been made.
  5. There is a cancellation fee applied to any late payments:  You have 2 weeks to pay from date you brought item; pass that date you pay 15% of price of item. 1 month, you lose whatever money ad item.
  6. Only the regular price will be applied to credit sales. In other words, credit sales are exempt from promotional pricing.  And, Credit cards are not accepted.
  7. Being a resale store, we do not offer maintenance and repair services for items that have failed outside the store.
  8. The customer, before buying it, should review it and have the opportunity to demonstrate its conformity to accept it or its non-conformity to refuse to obtain it. The customer, when buying it, obtains it in the conditions “AS IS” and accepts our policies of sale in store, as in its summary are described below:
    • Credit cards are not accepted.
    • No returns.
    • No refund.
    • Items are sold “As Is”.
    • Please check your item before taking it out of the store.
    • We do not offer maintenance and repair services
    • All sales final.
    • No home deliveries.

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