I notice…

I notice that when you want to buy things new it cost so much money. I think it was how much new thing’s cost, that help me to decide to start selling use goods things that look as good as the new that are low cost; when I see stores take advantage of poor people and charge ridiculous prices I decided Belizens deserve better, so I created Frogman

Why I call it Frogman? My friends call me frogman because I eat frogs so everyone started to call me frogman so I name the place Frogman.

I have a lot of visitors from different background that come to see what I have, many come back and look forward to the next container coming, they been doing it for many years.

All I have to say come and see what I have you will be surprise and shock I carry so many things that turn your head and catch your eyes you will never stop coming once you see what I have thanks for giving us a chance and a try see you soon.

Founder of Frogman Resale.