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We serve people of all cultures. We sell used merchandise at affordable prices. Merchandise is imported 4 times a year. We look forward to doing business with you!

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Recommendations when visiting us

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID19 pandemic, when visiting us you should take into account the following recommendations: The use of face masks is mandatory at all times. Hand sanitizer gel is provided upon entry. Inside the facility, try to keep a safe distance of 8 feet from other people. Try to avoid…

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Recomendaciones al visitarnos

Debido a las restricciones que impone la pandemia COVID19, al visitarnos debe tener en cuenta las siguientes recomendaciones: El uso de mascarillas es obligatorio en todo momento. Se proporciona gel desinfectante para manos a la entrada. Dentro de la instalación, trate de mantener una distancia segura de 8 pies de otras personas. Trate de evitar…

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Sohn tings fi du wen yu visit wi

Kaz a di rischricshanz dehn a di COVID19 pandemik, wen yu di visit wi faala di rekomendayshanz dehn Da Wahn mus da yu yooz wahn fayz maas aal di taim. Han sanitayza gel di deh wen yu enta. Insaid a di bildin, tria fi kip wahn saaf distanz a 8 feet fahn adaz. Tria no…

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